Bhaktirasavedāntapīṭhādhīśvara Ācārya Śrī RKDS ‘ĀV’ Gurupāda alias Ramkrishna Swami (BRVF)

Bio: Current status – Bhaktirasavedāntapīṭhādhīśvara Ācārya Śrī RKDS ‘ĀV’ Gurupāda is the Primeval Life-long President, Managing Trustee & Ācārya of Bhakti Rasa Vedānta Foundation alias BRVF (Bhārata) & its global affiliates.

Ācārya Śrī Gurupāda is belonging to the Advaitācārya Parivāra (BRVF belongs to the same Parivāra) of Śrī Gauḍīya-Vaiṣṇava-Vaidika Evam Pāñcarātrika Bhāgavata Sampradāya of Sanātana Dharma.

Previous Background –

A brief biographical sketch of Bhaktirasavedāntapīṭhāḍhīśvara Ācārya Śrī RKDS ‘ĀV’ Gurupāda.

Acarya Sri was born on the Kartiki Amavasya Day of Dipavali (this day represents Srimati Radhika) on the holy occasion of the celebrations of five centennial celebrations of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s advent on this Earth. The maternal side of HH was an ardent follower of the Shuddha-advaita-vedanti Pushti-marga of Late Jagadguru Vallabhacharya.

His Holiness was born in Vallabh-Vidyanagar, Dist: Anand, Gujarat, Bharata/India on Saturday, 1st Nov. 1986 AD. HH was born as ‘Ramkrishna R Swami’.

At the age of  nine, His Holiness went to USA and commenced his studies from the 5th grade/standard/class. Meanwhile, after staying in USA for about 8 crucial years of childhood and adolescence, Acarya Sri, who took US citizenship merely for the facilitation of spreading the sermons of Mahaprabhu in an unrestricted way in all parts of the world, voluntarily felt that he should not pursuit his post-high school studies further by not staying in USA and becoming a professional like a medical doctor, engineer, professor, lawyer, CA or scientist etc. – made a firm determination to kick away the golden materialistic career and to return to Bharata at the age of 17 years (in 2003 AD) and thus, became settled in Sridhama Vrndavana for profoundly studying Sanskrit, North Indian classical music and the classical scriptures of Sanatana Dharma and esp. the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya.

While continuing penetrating studies of the classical Gaudiya Vaisnava literary canon, he started his scholarly preaching on a broader scale from the age of 20 years in such a way that he travelled around Bharata and the globe for disseminating the legacy and sermons of Gaudiya Vaisnava Acaryas.

Ācārya Śrī is initiated by Śrī Rāmamūrttidāsa Vanacārī Jī Mahārāja — duly initiated devotee of Advaitācārya Parivāra.

Blog of Ācārya Śrī is –  https://brvf.org/. The primary Facebook account is: https://www.facebook.com/radhakrishnadas.brahmachari .

The hi-definition video discourse allotted in Hindi by our Ācārya Śrī can be visualized at the following links —




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear prabhu you do not know anything about gaudiya vaishnava.we are not from the advaita paribara you’re totally wrong.jdas anu das


  2. Clarification – The vaiṣṇava-dīkṣā-guru of HDG GKDB was Śrīla Nandakiśora Gosvāmī Prabhupāda hailing fromt he seminal line of Śrī Kṛṣna Miśra Prabhu – the second son of Śrī Advaitācārya Prabhu.

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  3. hare krishna maharaj i am adarsh soni from bhopal m.p mera ek question hai app se … bhagavan sri krishna ke do rupa aur hai bramh ka aur parmatma ka ,,, jab bhagvan sri krishna apni kucch qualities hide kar lete hai tab wo parmatma khalate hain,,, aur jab bhagavan sri krishna apni sabhi qualites hide kar lete to wo brahm( brahmjyoti) khalate hai… to bhagavan sri krishna sakaar bhi hai aur nirkaar bhi hai…. par prabhupad ji khate hai ki nirakaar to sri krishna ki angajyoti hai….to is baat ko kaise samgha jaye ki krishna jab bramh ke rupe mein hote to nirakaar ho jate hain ya wo bramh bhagavan sri krishna ki anga kanti hain dono ko kaise samgha jaye ….kripa karke bataye

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    1. Nirviśeṣa-brahma, even if considered to be the rays of Śrī Kṛṣṇa, still remains non-different from Bhagavān because the rays of Bhagavān and Bhagavān Himself are non-different. Kindly provide your WhatsApp no. so that we can include your good self into our BRVF Vedānta teaching group.

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